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Duncan Simpson aka DJ DeanT* is a Trance DJ from the UK.

From a very young age he has been interested in electronic dance music, sparked by ATBs track 9pm (Till I Come), which reached number #1 in the charts (UK) for two weeks in July 1999.

Today, he has a few shows a week, including an online broadcast on on Saturdays at 10pm UK time (5pm US Eastern / 2pm Pacific / 23:00 Central European Time). On the web site, there is a count down timer which works universally what ever your local time zone, letting you know how long until the next show.

The online shows are always available in audio, and a live video feed is also made available during the live show for fans to watch him spin (note: not always available).

The video stream is made possible by multiple streaming providers while the bandwidth costs are covered by sponsors and partners. Due to the high capacity requirements for the audio and video streams, there is sometimes a short fall in funds for these to be made possible. If you are interested in donating towards the costs of DJ DeanTs show or if you are looking to become a sponsor, please contact Eric Ball from the contact page.

All audio versions of the shows are made available on the web site, as on demand content or as part of the podcast. These are available in 192kbps quality but full quality recordings are also available for a fee.

Over the years, DeanT's online presence has been growing larger and larger and with that various improvements have been added along the way, like web site "face-lifts", Flowd, Twitter and Facebook interactivity. But there is always room for improvement, so if you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to use the contact page and let us know!

*Also known under a few other names