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Welcome to the DJ DeanT website


Welcome to the DJ DeanT website!

On this site you can listen back or catch up on episodes you may have missed or keep an eye on the latest news from DJ DeanT as well as other cool stuff!

Counting down until the next live broadcast! Check the schedule or look to the right for the count down clock!

Last Episode

The last broadcast was DJ-DeanT EnTranced Episode 299.
You can listen back to this or previous episodes on the Episodes page.


EnTranced Episode 299

  1. Eryon StockerWinter (Aldo Henrycho & Vermin Vibes Remix)
  2. Rene Ablaze & Ian BuffStonecold (Extended Mix)
  3. AimoonFusion (Extended Mix)
  4. Cubetonic feat. Dilara GadelSo Strong (Original Mix)
  5. Adip Kiyoi and Susie LedgeEver After (Original Mix)
  6. Johann StoneSuck My Cowbell (Original Mix)
  7. PlutianLorelei (Extended Mix)
  8. Roman Messer & Mhammed El Alami with Julia LavMemories (Ahmed Romel Remix)
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